Toson, Happy-Meal-Collection-Full-of-Happy-Calories

"Happy Meal" Collection - Full of Happy Calories

Inspired by the favourite place of every child - American fast food restaurant, To son, selects the most joyful food from American restaurants and design "Happy Meal" Collection" full of happy calories in summer with the brand’s colorful and playful style.

A set of glass cutlery is launched to express the joy of having whatever you wanted when you were a child.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of local select store DAHOOD, To son, collaborated with DAHOOD to launch a limited edition T-shirt, joining the food party to celebrate DAHOOD’s birthday.

Every kid looks forward to the most is that parents taking them to the American fast food restaurant in every weekend, ordering fries and burgers to start the good weekend. The Happy Meal collection is designed with American restaurant food graphics, including Burger, Fries, Pancake, Milk, Dirty coffee, and Steak, Meat, Strawberry and Chocolate Donut. Each T-shirt is applied patchwork technique and comes with its own vivid colorway and white, providing full energy for the summer holiday. In this season, the brand has expanded its sizing to launch Size 3 for different body size.

The brand also launches a set of glass cutlery. The set consists of a glass and a plate. The glass is printed with To son, logo and food graphics, while the plate is printed with burger graphics lines imitating a childlike hand-painted style. Both can be used with microwave oven, allowing everyone to serve delicious food at home and enjoy the meal together to share happiness.

To son, collaborates with Hong Kong select store DAHOOD to launch a limited-edition T-shirt to celebrate DAHOOD’s 20th anniversary. The T-shirt uses DAHOOD's brand color blue, with a traditional birthday cake and candles. Patchwork techniques is applied to embroider the names of two brand units, DAHOOD and To son, with the children's handwriting fonts. The special moment of the 20th anniversary is highlighted by embroidering the word "20," on the front to celebrating the birthday together with the whole collection!


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